Portfolio Showcase: My Typography Class Portfolio Choices


The Spring term’s classes at the School of Visual Arts are down, two (or maybe even three) more to go! I’ve made it!

Last night was the last class for the Typography course and we had to present our portfolio just like we would have done for the client in the real world.

So, here’s what I’ve chosen for my typography portfolio showcase: Continue reading

How Much Is Too Much? Visualizing A Controversial Issue

For the past two weeks we’ve been reviewing, redesigning and again – reviewing, redesigning our posters for the social cause(s) of our choice. As you know, I’ve picked Don’t Drink And Drive issue (by MADD) and Anti-abortion issue (American Life League and Online For Life). I’m not sure what was the appeal of the latter choice, I’m afraid that I’ve been watching too many bloody movies (hello Django Unchained & Rust and Bone), which sort of became points of my inspiration…So, that’s the reason behind all the blood in my anti-abortion poster, which is now in its second revision.

Click here to see the first version of the poster. Which version do you like the most?

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An Anti-Abortion Ad: Part II

Yesterday I’ve shared with you one of the posters I’ve designed for the anti-abortion social cause. (Not to mention the fact that my boyfriend was very surprised to see ‘the theme’ of my project, especially after I took it to the extremes to design not one, but two posters. He couldn’t help but ask me as he saw the last blood drop being drawn by me for the poster below: “I didn’t know you support the anti-abortion movement??!!” )

Well – the fact is that I’m a pro-choice supporter, but this is not the blog to discuss the pros and cons of either of the organizations. Let’s stay away from politics and rather concentrate on the execution of the poster…)

Here’s a version for the Online For Life organization. Continue reading