The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo

Since the first time I saw the Swedish film trilogy The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, I’ve been obsessed with this character. I saw the first film at least three times. I think Noomi Rapace is unbeatable in this role, no other actresses could do the same kind of justice to this character.

I refused to watch the American version for a while and when I finally saw it, I was, as expected, very disappointed! When I got a chance to work on some editorial projects and chose to do it on Noomi Rapace, I couldn’t get enough of illustrating her…Here are some of my illustrations:

NoomiRapace-DragonGirl Continue reading

Surprise, surprise: What do advertising professionals themselves love?

Did you know advertising professionals love Helvetica, foreign films, bourbon, pornography and muting TV commercials? OK, you probably did know all that, but kudos to Lowe Roche for compiling a bunch of these agency lifestyle stats (specific to Canada, but mostly universal) into one video meant to appeal to all its industry peers: Continue reading