My Illustrations on Sale

Happy to announce that my illustrations are now on sale on Art of Brands. These are the illustrations from my city series. You can now have Berlin, Moscow, Paris, San Francisco, New York (three different kinds), Buenos Aires and London. Click here to see and/or buy them.


This New York City illustration has been featured on the cover of the W42ST magazine in September 2015. Click here to see it on the cover.

Portfolio Showcase: My Typography Class Portfolio Choices


The Spring term’s classes at the School of Visual Arts are down, two (or maybe even three) more to go! I’ve made it!

Last night was the last class for the Typography course and we had to present our portfolio just like we would have done for the client in the real world.

So, here’s what I’ve chosen for my typography portfolio showcase: Continue reading

The Many Revisions & Hours Spent On One Logo

As one of my readers pointed out, my Typography class professor has used a very old example of the “Art in America” magazine logo that we had to redesign for the editorial project in the class (see here). However, at this point, it didn’t matter what he used for the ‘original’ logo as it had to be re-designed anyway.

I made a few versions for the new logo, one of which has been chosen and I was working on crafting and finalizing it to perfection for the portfolio showcase.

Here’s how the current logo of the Art in America magazine looks like:


The current logo of the Art in America magazine

Now, scroll down to see what I’ve done to it. Continue reading