Guess where New Yorkers travel to?

For June 2016 issue of the New York magazine w42st, I was asked to illustrate an infographic that shows the many destinations of the New Yorkers when they finally decide to leave the island of Manhattan. Here’s what I came up with:


To see/read the full issue of the magazine, go here. You can see my infographics in full size on page 6 of the magazine. Here are the other infographics I did for the magazine for the last 11 months (damn, it’s been 11 months already?!!).

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New Project I’m Working on: A Visualization of My Two-Decade Long US Bicycling Experience


I’ve been bicycling as long as I remember myself. When I moved to USA more than two decades ago, I continued to bicycle. I bicycled in all of the cities I lived and/or visited: from Moscow, Paris and Göttingen to LA, SF, DC, and NYC. At the end of 2014, I decided to retrieve from my memory the bicycling experience I’ve had in the past 20 years and visualize it with supportive information of the overall bicyclng statistics. I chose to visualize both funny & important information gathered via multiple sources, as well as from my own experience.

In these series I’ll be visualizing funny aspects of the bicycling communities as well, which would include my own illustrations, infographics and other graphical executions. I’ll be only borrowing the legitimate data collected by respected sources.

In this first page that you see here, for example, I’m giving a summary of my bicyclng experience per city/town I lived in and what this experience was like: from very bike friendly places to not so friendly and why. Enjoy and share and encourage people to choose bicycling as a lifestyle and/olr way to be fit and healthy.

I’ll be posting individual pages as I make them on my blog dedicated to the bicycling culture here: 

My Infographics Swipe

Screen-Shot-2013-10-29-at-11.53.19-AMMore here.