Mad Men Infographics: Advertising Industry Now and Then

Continuing with the series of the Mad Men blogs showcasing data visualization through infographics, here’s another one I just did: Mad Men vs. Digital – the Advertising Industry Statistics.

This one was influenced by Swiss and Constructivism schools of design, which are my favorite.

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MadMen infographics

Mad Men Era: Mad Men vs. Digital

Check out the latest illustrations I did for the Mad Men inspired blog post: Mad Men vs. Digital.


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Friday Fun: Why Cute Babies & Cats Are The Future Of Commercials

Do you know what the most trending and popular YouTube videos of all times are?

2012-05-08 16.55.45

My cat Chester

Those that involve cats and babies. Yes, that’s right! Cats and babies! Which, by the way, does not surprise me at all. I can look at funny and cute videos of cats and babies for hours, don’t you? (I should probably start looking for an agent for my cat… such look is not being used at his full potential!:)

This is one of the reasons why more and more advertising agencies start to involve both cats and babies in commercials, no matter what the product is – finance and/or cars – I can tell you  for sure that you’ll be seeing a whole lot of cats and babies in commercials in the years to come because: Continue reading

The Evolution Of The Gas Station Ads: It’s Getting Hot In Here

Gentlemen, I have a feeling that it’s THE vision you’d be all attracted to… [or – I might be wrong]

When I came across this ad, it made me thinking about all the ads I’ve been lately seeing in print and outdoors that had something to do with the cars, sex, men vs. women, gas stations, etc. and then I looked at a few vintage ads and – opa! – there’s just so much of the evolution had happened that completely transformed the ‘sexiness’ of the filling-up-the-gas imagery: Continue reading

YouTube’s 10 Most-Watched Ads in February

These ads were rated top 3 as the YouTube’s most-watched ads in February, published by Adweek.

Number 3 Most Watched Ad on YouTube:

RAM Trucks ‘Farmer’
Creative Agency: The Richards Group
Media: Universal McCann, Detroit
Upload date: 2/3/2013
Views: 14,093,015

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