The Print You Can Have

See a little video of the prints available on sale here.


My Illustrations on Sale

Happy to announce that my illustrations are now on sale on Art of Brands. These are the illustrations from my city series. You can now have Berlin, Moscow, Paris, San Francisco, New York (three different kinds), Buenos Aires and London. Click here to see and/or buy them.


This New York City illustration has been featured on the cover of the W42ST magazine in September 2015. Click here to see it on the cover.

The Full Animated Gif: See the World by Bike


Here’s the full version of the animated gif I created, the shorter version of which you saw here. Each city has the color of my perception, of how I personally feel about the city, be it New York or San Francisco, Berlin or Paris. I hope you’d enjoy it!

From Bikeholic with Love: Take a Ride Around the Globe

London, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires – sky is the limit for a bicyclist!

Here’s a little promo I did for my blog Bikeholic, featuring four of some of my favorite cities in the world – New York City, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires, and London. This is a short version, the longer version is coming up that will also feature Moscow and San Francisco. And these are just a few places where I biked. I’ll be adding some more, but, as of today, here’s a preview of what to expect:

Around the World by Bike

Around the World by Bike

All of the illustration is done by me. The colors of the cities and the “moods” reflect my own feelings about and the way I view these particular locations.

Urban Landscapes From Berlin

These photographic prints by self-taught, Berlin-based photographer Matthias Heiderich paint a unique portrait of his city. His stark, often-abstract urban landscapes present Berlin through a new lens—lines disrupted by a flash of color or juxtaposed shapes that show the ordered world as color and form in conflict.

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Awesome 8-Bit Art From Germany And Why German Designers Rock

The first time I visited Berlin, Germany, I was a young teenager and spent time with my parents visiting the historic places like The Berlin Wall – or what was left of it, The Brandenburg Gate and such, but last August I re-visited Berlin as an adult and was able to see the parts of the city that define today’s Berlin – the graffiti, the Bauhaus museum, etc. It was a real treat for someone like me, who is not only interested in the graphic design, but who is interested in the modern art and Bauhaus school of design. You can learn more about my trip here. Continue reading