Zinedine Zidane Portrait Soccer Art Work (13″x19″). For a true art collector!

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IMG_2344IMG_2345IMG_234688_03_Zidane-1I collect original art. This art poster, original, was drawn for the award winning soccer/football magazine 8by8 and appeared in this issue by graphic designer and illustrator Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo. This is a collector’s art. You will be the owner of the only art work / portrait of this kind.

This is one of the kind. No reprints and/or doubles exist. This numbered edition Fine Art Print is printed on 100% cotton, acid-free, heavyweight paper using HDR UltraChrome Archival Ink. This artwork reflects the author’s commitment to the highest color, paper, and printing standards. This is from my personal collection. Never been touched, hung. In absolutely perfect new condition.

About the art work:

  • Size 13×19 in
  • Gorgeous print quality on artist paper gives the print a hand painted feel
About the author:
Alvaro was born in a Viñadel Mar, Chile. In 2000 he began working in graphic design and filmmaking…

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Guess where New Yorkers travel to?

For June 2016 issue of the New York magazine w42st, I was asked to illustrate an infographic that shows the many destinations of the New Yorkers when they finally decide to leave the island of Manhattan. Here’s what I came up with:


To see/read the full issue of the magazine, go here. You can see my infographics in full size on page 6 of the magazine. Here are the other infographics I did for the magazine for the last 11 months (damn, it’s been 11 months already?!!).

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The Print You Can Have

See a little video of the prints available on sale here.

My Illustrations on Sale

Happy to announce that my illustrations are now on sale on Art of Brands. These are the illustrations from my city series. You can now have Berlin, Moscow, Paris, San Francisco, New York (three different kinds), Buenos Aires and London. Click here to see and/or buy them.


This New York City illustration has been featured on the cover of the W42ST magazine in September 2015. Click here to see it on the cover.

If only mannequins could talk: The art of making the mannequins

Check out this great exhibition currently running at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York City!

Ralph Pucci: The Art of the Mannequin

Designing an Alternative Movie Poster: “Mr. Holmes”

Dear friends, I need your support! Please vote and/or “like” my movie poster I did for the upcoming new film “Mr. Holmes”. Thank you very much for all your support! All your votes count!

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Sherlock Holmes Movie Poster-competitionversion

Mad Men Infographics: Advertising Industry Now and Then

Continuing with the series of the Mad Men blogs showcasing data visualization through infographics, here’s another one I just did: Mad Men vs. Digital – the Advertising Industry Statistics.

This one was influenced by Swiss and Constructivism schools of design, which are my favorite.

Click here for more.

MadMen infographics