By Far, These Are My Two Favorite Designs from 2004

This was a school assignment to design a CD cover. I chose to design a cover for a Russian film music compilation, and as an obvious choice for myself, I decided to go with these two very prominent film celebrities that no matter how far you stand to a CD shelf at a store, you’d be able to recognize these two figures. I chose Yuri Nikulin ( and Charlie Chaplin and wanted to use the hand-lettering and mixed media to design these CD covers:



Trader Joe’s Cool Creatives: Are You Hiring, Please?

I’ve been a big fan of Trader Joe’s store since I’ve first discovered it in California in 2002. But besides the great inexpensive selection of foods they offer, they do incredibly creative design work – the interior/decor design, promo materials, in-store posters and signs.

Here’s a few of their latest, which I adore every time I visit it on the Upper West Side, NYC. A very smart way to re-do the famous Broadway shows into Trader Joe’s themes, don’t you think? Absolutely awesome!

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Having Just Any Bike Is No Longer an Option for New Yorkers

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 11.32.35 AM

Something has happened to the bicycles of New York City. Continue reading

The Sweets of Harrods: A New Logo & Packaging Look For Almond Brittle

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 11.58.13 AM

As my final project for the Typography class at the School of Visual Arts┬áthat I’ve just finished two weeks ago we had to re-design a logo for the Harrods’ famous sweet & confectionary product: Chocolate Coated Butter Almond Brittle / Milk, Dark, and Chocolate and then apply it to a package, which we also had to design with a luxury product in mind.

If you don’t know, Harrods is the luxury department store in UK. Think of it as the ‘Bergdorf Goodman‘ of London. Thus, the logo and the packaging had to reflect the luxury aspect of it. Almond Brittle that costs $16 is definitely not your usual Trader Joe’s chocolate covered nuts for $3.99-4.99. Thus, the logo and packaging for the Harrod’s almond brittle had to look, feel & ‘smell’ like luxury. Continue reading