Guess where New Yorkers travel to?

For June 2016 issue of the New York magazine w42st, I was asked to illustrate an infographic that shows the many destinations of the New Yorkers when they finally decide to leave the island of Manhattan. Here’s what I came up with:


To see/read the full issue of the magazine, go here. You can see my infographics in full size on page 6 of the magazine. Here are the other infographics I did for the magazine for the last 11 months (damn, it’s been 11 months already?!!).

If you’ve missed some of the latest videos, check them out here and if you like what I do, subscribe to my YouTube channel here.


April’15 Infographic for W42ST Magazine


Check out the April’s Earth (green) issue of the NY magazine W42ST: You can see my work on pgs 2 & 6 – a full page ad I did for a new restaurant at the Yotel – Green Fig and – this infographic dedicated to the Earth Day celebrated in April every year. Follow my design work here: and my videos @ More data visualization/infographics here:

Feb’15 Infographic for W42ST Magazine


Here’s a full page infographic I did for the February issue of the New York magazine W42ST. Follow my design work here: and my videos @ More data visualization/infographics here:

W42ST December Issue w/ My Work!

It’s out! The December issue of W42ST magazine is out! Grab your issue now and find out what’s going on in Manhattan this month! My art work is on pages 6 and 61. One of the best issues, I think. Just got my copy in the mail today! See my other art work for the magazine here.

Have been collaborating with the magazine since July 2015 and have been enjoying it more and more each month!

W42ST Magazine hits the news stands featuring my design work

W42ST Style Issue (September 2015)

W42ST Style Issue (September 2015)

The Style issue of the NYC based magazine W42ST hits the stands today, featuring the latest news and trends of the Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. Click here to see the full issue of the magazine that features my design work – the cover and pages 6 (Hell’s Kitchen in Numbers Infographics) and 65 (Health and Fitness department).

Stay tuned to see more of my designs in the upcoming issue of the magazine – the October issue.