April’15 Infographic for W42ST Magazine


Check out the April’s Earth (green) issue of the NY magazine W42ST: http://www.w42st.com. You can see my work on pgs 2 & 6 – a full page ad I did for a new restaurant at the Yotel – Green Fig and – this infographic dedicated to the Earth Day celebrated in April every year. Follow my design work here: http://bit.ly/1IiOgva and my videos @ http://bit.ly/1ROGYth. More data visualization/infographics here: http://bit.ly/1M35Qw0.

Massimo Vignelli’s Book List


I really wish I was as lucky as Michael Beirut (and the many other graphic designers who got a chance to study and work with Massimo Vignelli!) who not only has known great Massimo Vignelli in person but who also got to start his designer’s career under the guidance of this great graphic designer. Vignelli was truly a great graphic designer. If you live in New York, but have nothing to do with the design world, you might not know that pretty much everywhere you go in NYC, you encounter the works of Vignelli. Subway map? Yes, it’s Vignelli who made such awesome in its simplicity and easy to understand map that has been around forever, and I don’t think it’ll go away any time soon.

He’s one of those graphic designers who makes simple, but very delicious design. It’s delicious because it’s so simple that it makes you ache and wonder – why he could come up with something that simple and you can’t?!

United Colors of Beneton, American Airlines and Bloomingdales – are all his logos…or Knoll furniture?! So simple and at the same time so sleek and sexy…

If you are a graphic designer or you are a graphic design afficionado, you might know that Massimo Vignelli has passed away on May 27, 2014. That was NOT a happy day for many of his followers, students and aspiring graphic designers. As a matter of fact, it was a strange month, because on May 14 died another great artist, designer, teacher – Tony Palladino, who I knew personally. Tony was our mentor – to the four of us in his design class he taught for a few years at the School of Visual Arts. He let us in his house. We met his family. We went through his personal books and drawings. Because of him, we are all still friends. It was a very sad news for us! He was not only a great artist, but a great kind person who taught us how to think and create conceptually and who always said to us: “It’s important to be kind…” I’ll always remember it. Because I truly believe in being kind to your work, colleagues and clients…

Both of these great graphic designers who lived and worked in New York City left a long legacy…for all of us to follow or…at least to try to be a bit better as graphic designers.

A few days ago in one of the newsletters I subscribe from Designers & Books, there was a link to the Massimo Vignelli’s Book List that he shared with the readers – these are the books that inspired him, that made him a great designer. Personally, I was really pleasantly surprised that quite a few of his favorite books are by Russian authors, and with which choices I completely agree! Continue reading

EDITORIAL DESIGN :: More Typeface/Layout Inspirations

A few more typeface inspirational ideas for my TYPOGRAPHY SWIPE BOARD:

Herb Lubalin


Kind of like Bodoni, but also looks like ITC Annlie, ITC Firenze, and Carousel. Continue reading

Words of Wisdom from Massimo Vignelli

If you can design one thing, you can design everything. – Massimo Vignelli

Massimo Vignelli lives by his famous mantra. He is a packaging designer, a furniture designer, a graphic designer and so much more. Vignelli has designed the identity for American Airlines, and signage for the NYC Subway System and the DC Metro system. In 1971 Vignelli opened Vignelli Associates with his with and partner, Lella. Together they crated work for companies like Knoll, Benetton, Heller, IBM, Bloomingdales, Xerox, and the Guggenheim among others.

Read What Bob Gill Reads & You’ll Be a Better Designer

One of the sites you need to bookmark if you are serious about self-educating on both the latest design trends and classical schools of design, is Designers & Books, which, by the way, also holds an annual fair that features meeting series with authors of the books, special guests on various design topics and, of course, many publishing houses on site that bring a great, almost overwhelming, variety of the books you can buy right there and then, some of which you could have signed by the author in presence. Like I did with the book I got at the last year’s fair “100 Unforgettable Dresses”.


It was a very educational and inspiring event. Here are some of the highlights from it. I also got to meet some of my graphic design icons, like Tom Geismar, whose book on the corporate design and branding “Identify: Basic Principles of Identity Design in the Iconic Trademarks of Charmayeff & Geismar” I’ve read cover to cover in just one week. (Thank you, mom, for giving it to me on my birthday!)

One of the D&B latest blogs caught my attention because it featured a reading list by Bob Gill, another of my favorites! I can never get enough of his illustrations and conceptual graphic designs for Esquire and his art direction at the Pentagram. So, if you are want to become a better designer, here’s Bob Gill’s Book List: Continue reading

Pentagram Out-of-Print Book: Design Shops To Learn From

Last Saturday I’ve got lucky to get the Pentagram’s out-of-print book – purely by accident, but couldn’t be happier. Thanks to such amazing book stores like Strand Book Store in NYC, one can find real gems! I bought almost all my graphic design books there, and less expensive than anywhere else as well.

Image Continue reading

Vintage Travel Posters: Aren’t They Delicious?

Aren’t these travel posters fabulous?


Ivan Chermayeff: Panama/Pan Am’s World, 1972.


Designer Unknown: Pan Am/Rio. Circa 1965.


David Klein: New York/Fly TWA. Circa 1960.

Continue reading

What Would The Designer Say? Musings from some of the industry’s finest…

I’m sure we have all suffered from designer’s block.

Well, The Designer Says might be the answer – it’s a small book packed full of musings from some of the industry’s finest. Continue reading

The Design Studies Are Back On: Tony Palladino


“Whatever Tony Palladino creates, it exudes style, beauty and a personal statement. Whether it’s a poster, a painting, a book jacket, a sculpture, a print ad or a television spot, the uniquely ubiquitous Palladino touch is always present and accounted for”.Art Director’s Club.

I look forward to starting a graphic design class with Tony Palladino this Thursday. I’m beyond excited, I’m thrilled! He’s a true legend. We are so lucky at the School of Visual Arts Continuing Education Graphic Design program that such acclaimed great graphic designers like Paula Scher, Carin Goldberg, Tony Palladino and Louise Fili are teaching us.

Tony Palladino has an immeasurable wealth of talent. The joy he’s brought to all who have experienced it is proof he knows what to do with it. His very own special light from within continues to illuminate and enlighten the design world. Continue reading