20 Years of Got Milk: How such a boring product got such a classic advertising campaign?

Jeff Goodby of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners wrote “got milk?”—one of the greatest marketing taglines ever. That was twenty years ago.

And I’m sure many of you would agree. It’s so simple that you’d think you’d be able to come up with something like that easily, but as Paula Scher once said, when she thought of a Citi logo idea right on the spot during the client’s creative brief presentation: “It might have taken me 5 minutes to come up with this design idea, but it took me 20 years to come to this point, where I can think of something in 5 minutes.” So true!


Here, he looks back at the campaign on its 20th anniversary: Continue reading

Trader Joe’s Cool Creatives: Are You Hiring, Please?

I’ve been a big fan of Trader Joe’s store since I’ve first discovered it in California in 2002. But besides the great inexpensive selection of foods they offer, they do incredibly creative design work – the interior/decor design, promo materials, in-store posters and signs.

Here’s a few of their latest, which I adore every time I visit it on the Upper West Side, NYC. A very smart way to re-do the famous Broadway shows into Trader Joe’s themes, don’t you think? Absolutely awesome!

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Simply Translating An Ad Into Another Language Doesn’t Always Do The Job

As a student and to-be professional, I start my days checking in with various industry publications and newsletters to be up to date on all the creative and technical news in the industry. My favorite go-to sources of information are: Adweek, ADC, Mashable, IHaveAnIdea, Social Media Today, Advertising Age, Wallpaper, Print, How, Communications Arts, Design Week, Art Director’s Club (which membership you should get, because it’s one of the best hands-on organizations in the world for design inspirations, portfolio nights, networking events, and latest design-across-all-medium exhibitions and news), Inspiration Feed, Enfused, Designers & Books (for the latest reads), Behance/Dribble (for the latest portfolio uploads of my design ‘comrades’ across the world). Yes, it’s a very overwhelming list…

Being a big fan of the advertising industry, since the first time I saw an old ad “Think Small” for VW bug, I love reading about various agencies around the world and learning about their work. I just recently came across a great article by IHaveAnIdea about Havas Worldwide Switzerland ad agency, which talked about the ‘corporate’ culture of their agency and how they approach many aspects of their projects and clients. I found it extremely interesting and much of it ‘spoke very closely’ to how I picture an ideal creative environment of an ad agency.

Simply translating an ad from one tongue to another doesn’t always do the job… Continue reading

Vintage Travel Posters: Aren’t They Delicious?

Aren’t these travel posters fabulous?


Ivan Chermayeff: Panama/Pan Am’s World, 1972.


Designer Unknown: Pan Am/Rio. Circa 1965.


David Klein: New York/Fly TWA. Circa 1960.

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What Would The Designer Say? Musings from some of the industry’s finest…

I’m sure we have all suffered from designer’s block.

Well, The Designer Says might be the answer – it’s a small book packed full of musings from some of the industry’s finest. Continue reading

Clever Copywriting: Being Under-construction Doesn’t Have To Be Dull

The other day I was biking in Central Park and around Upper East Side in Manhattan and I’ve noticed these posters/billboards outside, what looked like, a museum under construction.

I wasn’t really aware of the Cooper Hewitt Museum being there, despite the fact that I lived on UES for quite some years and I passed that area so many times! Anyway…

I saw these billboards and they stopped me. They got my attention. I started reading each one of them and I found the copywriting – the messaging – in them awesome. Very creative way to keep one’s attention while the museum is undergoing the renovation.

I just wanted to see more of these clever messages, but they only had three of them, which they surrounded the museum property with all around.

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The Design Studies Are Back On: Tony Palladino


“Whatever Tony Palladino creates, it exudes style, beauty and a personal statement. Whether it’s a poster, a painting, a book jacket, a sculpture, a print ad or a television spot, the uniquely ubiquitous Palladino touch is always present and accounted for”.Art Director’s Club.

I look forward to starting a graphic design class with Tony Palladino this Thursday. I’m beyond excited, I’m thrilled! He’s a true legend. We are so lucky at the School of Visual Arts Continuing Education Graphic Design program that such acclaimed great graphic designers like Paula Scher, Carin Goldberg, Tony Palladino and Louise Fili are teaching us.

Tony Palladino has an immeasurable wealth of talent. The joy he’s brought to all who have experienced it is proof he knows what to do with it. His very own special light from within continues to illuminate and enlighten the design world. Continue reading

Notes of Wisdom: What Should We Take From It?

securedownloadDo you know what usually happens on the last day of your classes?

Yes – it’s the day, when your professors tend to give you a good [or a bad] advice on your  career pursuing, job search, further studying, pros & cons of the industry and so on. The advices, which can be either encouraging or discouraging, depending on how you interpret these advices, can be priceless. I’ve been definitely both encouraged and discouraged about my choice of work in the past, and having been in the position, when I had to give up my dreams because of one’s professor’s discouraged, I want to warn and prevent the other aspiring designers from making the same mistake. I paid for my mistake with the 13 years of working in some of the professions, which I was not passionate about. And it applies to any professional field you might be trying to pursue and/or studying towards. Continue reading

Spending A Friday Morning With Tibor Kalman

My copy of Tibor Kalman: Design and Undesign.

I woke up this morning with an itch to write about Tibor Kalman.

Inspired by my recent book purchase Tibor Kalman: Design and Undesign, I thought I should definitely share my new graphic designer finding.

Kalman was, perhaps, the only designer whose work was very controversial for the 80s design community, because no one talked – through type and design – about sex, AIDS, politics and racial issues as openly and graphically as Kalman did. Continue reading

Making the Right Choice: It Ain’t Easy, Ya Know

So, there! The spring term has come to an end, and making the selection of the works I’d like to include in my portfolio has never been easy. I’m debating with myself on which pieces I should go with. Perhaps you can help me to make the selection?

Which one should I choose for a portfolio piece? Continue reading