“New York City Through a Shattered Glass”: 9 West 57 Street Signage

Next time you are walking the streets of your city, stop for a minute and try to see what others don’t. Try to see why this street might be special. We often hurry through the city without noticing anything around ourselves, unless someone points out one thing that can make this particular street significant. Like this “9” street sign. This is not just a huge letter “9”, it’s a branding project/street signage identity commissioned by 9 West 57 Street building to the graphic designer Tom Geismar, one of the greatest graphic designers any graphic designer should know. And now it’s more than an “identity”, it’s an attraction-landmark of its own.

So, next time you are running the street, zoom out of everything else and zoom in on something that is worthwhile to note.

9 West 57th Street Signage

More here.


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