The Full Animated Gif: See the World by Bike


Here’s the full version of the animated gif I created, the shorter version of which you saw here. Each city has the color of my perception, of how I personally feel about the city, be it New York or San Francisco, Berlin or Paris. I hope you’d enjoy it!

From Bikeholic with Love: Take a Ride Around the Globe

London, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires – sky is the limit for a bicyclist!

Here’s a little promo I did for my blog Bikeholic, featuring four of some of my favorite cities in the world – New York City, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires, and London. This is a short version, the longer version is coming up that will also feature Moscow and San Francisco. And these are just a few places where I biked. I’ll be adding some more, but, as of today, here’s a preview of what to expect:

Around the World by Bike

Around the World by Bike

All of the illustration is done by me. The colors of the cities and the “moods” reflect my own feelings about and the way I view these particular locations.

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

There are certain powerful quotes that are worth to illustrate via animation and this one is one of them:

“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.” – John Ray.

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

Happy Birthday to Cat Chester!

Happy Birthday to My Cat!

On January 19, 2015 my cat, Chester, turned 4, so…I made a card for him with a bit of history behind how he’s got to be living with me in New York City when he was born in Moscow, Russia.

Seasonal Changes Through the Eyes of A Bicycle Girl

Trending: A bicyclist's choices for a seasonal change

Trending: A bicyclist’s choices for a seasonal change

I’m thinking of making these animated gifs to highlight some of the bicycling experiences, trends, styles, etc. on a regular basis. It’s a quick and fun way to show some of the lifestyle choices, don’t you think? I’ll be posting them here and on my Bikeholic Blog.

“New York City Through a Shattered Glass”: 9 West 57 Street Signage

Next time you are walking the streets of your city, stop for a minute and try to see what others don’t. Try to see why this street might be special. We often hurry through the city without noticing anything around ourselves, unless someone points out one thing that can make this particular street significant. Like this “9” street sign. This is not just a huge letter “9”, it’s a branding project/street signage identity commissioned by 9 West 57 Street building to the graphic designer Tom Geismar, one of the greatest graphic designers any graphic designer should know. And now it’s more than an “identity”, it’s an attraction-landmark of its own.

So, next time you are running the street, zoom out of everything else and zoom in on something that is worthwhile to note.

9 West 57th Street Signage

More here.

Dedicating to #CharlieHebdo

On January 7, 2015, the world has lost some of the most talented illustrators/cartoonists who dedicated their lives to speaking freely about some of the social, political and economical issues in France and around the world through irony. Some of these talents have been silenced on January 7th. The creatives around the world, such as cartoonists Ruben L. Oppenheimer, David Pope, and Carlos Latuff, outraged by the tragedy, have taken their condolences via the social media to deliver the message and show their support for both Charlie Hebdo and the freedom of speech. Here’s my response to the tragedy.

Dedicating to Charlie Hebdo

Dedicating to Charlie Hebdo