Film “The Ring”: An Animated Gif

Film “The Ring” is, by far, the scariest film I’ve ever seen in the way that there was one particular scene that was very disturbing for me. There are many horror films, but this film featured one of the elements that I found very disturbing and days after seeing this movie I’d still have nightmares. It might sound so “infant” of me to be scared of such a movie, but every person gets scared by a particular thing. For me it was a scene where the dead girl crawls out of a TV and in a very disturbing motion starts to crawl towards the victim. I also found that the special effects in the movie were done excellent, a perfect combination of the suspense, unpredictable actions, dramatic lighting, and unconventional timing.

So, I decided to put together my own sequence to recreate that particular horror scene that I still find very disturbing.

Animation for the film The Ring


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