EDITORIAL DESIGN :: Exploring My Layout Options

Have been playing around with the layout and grid for the “Fashion” department of ‘my’ magazine for a few days now. Thinking of going crazier with the layout & image placement, but at the same time don’t want to scare ‘my audience’…What do you think of the current layout designs?


More to come tomorrow. (Need to get some sleep right now, it’s 4:53AM right now, sigh…)


5 thoughts on “EDITORIAL DESIGN :: Exploring My Layout Options

    • Thank you! Which one, do you think, would work very well for the magazine that covers everything modern but with a reference to the 1960s for the target audience who are modern, fashionable, educated, technology-aware, etc. young people (25-45) who miss the 1960s and appreciate those times’ inventions: like people who still like the old school CDs/vinyl records, who are color-driven, people who appreciate the ‘Mad Men’ dress style?

  1. Ended up using the last one (per your suggestion:) for the time being. Will see how it’d integrate with everything else:)

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