TOPIC: A modern take on the 1960s (MOD culture) – how to seek out the modern stuff that resembles the good old times and how to incorporate personal preference of the 1960s into today’s world: from fashion and technology to lifestyle and travel.

GENDER: Male and Female

AGE: 25-45 years old

EDUCATION: Well-educated (at least one college education), who have a good grip of the foreign cultures when it comes to the 1960s, like French chanson, British designers, etc.

INCOME: Medium income predominates, but upper income also present

LOCALE: Mostly metro cities around USA

More about the modern readers who reminiscence about the 1960s:

  • The readers of this magazine are the ones that are big fan of Mad Men TV show
  • Who listen to vinyl records, collect CDs and DVDs
  • Who might be still have an in-line actual phone device at home
  • The ‘kids’ who love what their parents did, wore in the 1960s
  • Women & men who prefer ‘old school’ relationships, values and morals
  • Those who love ‘old school’ drinks & cuisine, and order drinks with a twist of the old times
  • Those whose attitude towards alcohol and smoking is very much different from the modern attitudes: more accepting and welcoming
  • Those who besides the modern culture, appreciate French chanson (e.g. Serge Gainsbourg), Philippe Clay, Twiggy, Andy Warhol, and good old VW bug commercials
  • Those who are big fans of the 1960 ‘happy times’ commercials: the commercials that feature old school families, snacks, etc.



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