The Latest Book Covers: What Does a Book Say With Its Cover?

Do you judge your books by its cover? Because, I do, and unless it’s a well known novel – say “War and Peace” (Leo Tolstoy) and/or “Farewell to Arms” (Ernest Hemingway), I first have to be visually attracted to the book to open it and learn about the content and if it doesn’t grab my attention at a book store and/or library, I keep on going…

That’s one of the things the book marketers need to consider, and as much as they say that ‘sex sells’, there’s enough of mystery to keep in the ‘pants’ to keep a reader motivated enough to open a book. One doesn’t have to show everything, keep it a mystery. Keep us guessing by something very alluring in a cover – and it can be just a typeface, like the one Tony Palladino did for the “Psycho” (Alfred Hitchcock) book.

Psycho’s book cover is still as timeless and fascinating as it was decades ago when it just came out. Only to think that it was just a plain all black (or white) cover with a Psycho word on it, but the way the type was executed became a masterpiece of the typography and has been studied at the design schools for years. I was fortunate enough to take a class with Tony Palladino, who still teaches at School of Visual Arts, and having been a big fan of his ‘Psycho’, I had to talk to him about it. I learned that it is [not surprisingly at all] one of his absolute favorite works. He also told me that he did it by hand, he just tore the word apart by hand, than took a photo of it and the rest is history. He also said that Hitchcock loved it so much that they used it as a movie title and in the movie promo materials. It’s been copied by many designers and marketers since then…

So, it’s not necessary the image that can attract the reader, it could be the words, executed in a very interesting, unique way… So, here are the latest books that just came out. What do you think, are they ‘on target’ or not?

Actors-Anonymous-james-franco-101713-780 Mother-Mother-Jacket-Image-101013-780 The-Affairs-of-Others-101013-780 Dissident-Gardens-101013-780 Empty-Mansions-Courtesy-of-Random-House-101013-780 NightFilm_Cover-101013-780 House-of-Journalists-101013-780 fan-girl-101013-780 May-We-Be-Forgiven-101013-780 Coat-Route-101013-780 the-Circle-101013-780 We-Are-Water-Cover-101013-780 ROSIE-PROJECT-final-101013-780 Subtle-Bodies-101013-780 The-Silent-Wife-101013-780 edge-of-normal-101013-780 Levels-of-Life-101013-780 RIVERS-101013-780 Human-Remains-101013-780 burial-rites-101013-780

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite hobbies to do is to re-make magazine editorials and book covers. Here are a few that I did, what do you think of them?

P.S. And I’m NOT happy with one of the latest book covers for “War and Peace”! Click here to see it.


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