Vintage Travel Posters: Aren’t They Delicious?

Aren’t these travel posters fabulous?


Ivan Chermayeff: Panama/Pan Am’s World, 1972.


Designer Unknown: Pan Am/Rio. Circa 1965.


David Klein: New York/Fly TWA. Circa 1960.


Eileen Mayo: Australia/The Great Barrier Reef. Circa 1956.


Badia Vilato: Air France/The Magic Doorway to the World, 1951.


A. M. Cassandre: Normandie/Voyage Inaugural, 1935.


Erik Rohman: Den Vita Staden (Into Little America). Circa 1935.


Dorothy Waugh: National Parks/Skiing. Circa 1934.


V.A. Mali: See India/Ellora. Circa 1930.


Designer Unknown: Montauk Beach. Circa 1929.


E.V. Kealey: Motor Tours/Algeria-Tunisia-Morocco. Circa 1925.


Designer unknown: White Star Line/Titanic. 1912.

Just look at these few travel posters, aren’t they memorable? Don’t they convey the messaging?

We often think that with all the current technology advancement we can use all the computer graphic programs to design something, but the old good graphic design work prove us wrong.

Those guys, the likes of A. M. Cassandre, have neither Photoshop, no Illustrator to do their work, and at the end of the day – their works have been so incredible, memorable and groundbreaking that they live up to this date and we – the graphic designers and copywriters of the 21st Century – learn from them.

This proves that we don’t need to have all the advances in technology to create something incredible, right?

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One thought on “Vintage Travel Posters: Aren’t They Delicious?

  1. I agree that technology is not needed for great design. In my opinion technology is only as good as the person behind it. Its a tool for creativity but not a replacement. I really like the TWA New York ad above!

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