The New Yorker: How I See Today’s New York City…

Two weeks ago we were given an assignment to illustrate a cover for the NYC magazine The New Yorker, which I talked about in my last blog.

This hasn’t been an easy assignment, but that made it even more fun. First of all, if you live in NYC, you are automatically in love with the city, otherwise, why would you want in the city that is fast, smells and inhibits some of the rudest people in the country? Ah! Because it’s New York! It’s the capital of everything. We love it because we do – for all the things it offers, minus the rats, smells and…you get it.

Perhaps the best person to answer this question will be Woody Allen.

So, The New Yorker is known to feature the original illustrations and drawings by the artists. The New Yorker is a tough critic. We were told to design a cover with HOW WE SEE OUR NEW YORK CITY TODAY. And here’s my answer to it.

Being a very active city biker, I’ve been embracing the new New York City’s biking culture, noticing every single improvement that’s been made over the last few years, and I make it a point to share my new findings with my NY friends. Let’s just say I’ve converted quite a few people into making them Citi Bikers.

Many times I even felt like writing a letter to Michael Bloomberg’s administration to thank them for the west side (Hudson) biking path and for all the other city bike amenities – like drinking fountains, parking lots, biking lanes, etc. – that they’ve put for us in the city. Of course, there’s still a long way to go in terms of the safety of the bikers in the city. Taxi and buses are the worst adapters to the idea of co-existing with the bikers on the roads – and that has been causing quite a few road accidents, which often injure and/or kill the bikers, not the other way around. However, there’s at least now places, where a city dweller can bike, including the lavish Central Park and the Hudson waterfronts – the two places that are the absolute paradise for the bikers.

That’s said. The way I see today’s New York City is…more bike friendly and…I see more girls on the bikes in the city, commuting to work, shop, etc., which is not necessary happen at the expense of the style. I see myself in this new ‘new york city biking era’. I see that we are making a difference. Slowly, but surely we are taking the ‘world’ of the city. I wouldn’t say we ever dominate all other kinds of transportations of the city – not like in Amsterdam, but we are definitely getting out there. We are being noticed. We are being listened to. We are being heard!


What does your New York City look like?


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