What Would The Designer Say? Musings from some of the industry’s finest…

I’m sure we have all suffered from designer’s block.

Well, The Designer Says might be the answer – it’s a small book packed full of musings from some of the industry’s finest.

The Designer Says is a compendium of design wisdom, culled from a range of practitioners from El Lissitzky to Frank Chimero, with pointers from the likes of Peter Saville, Paula Scher, Irma Boom and many others in between.

Cleverly, the quotes are paired up thematically, thus providing two opinions on a similar subject, be it designing for mundane objects (as above), colour choices, or the minutiae of the design process itself.

The book is compiled by Sara Bader of quotenik.com and is published by Princeton Architectural Press (£8.99). UK readers can purchase the book here, if you’re in the US, see papress.com. It is now available on Amazon.com!

Here are a few of our favourite examples.

Chip Kidd and Erik Spiekermann on what makes a better graphic designer.

Irma Boom and Barbara deWilde on the ‘unrefined’ approach to work.

Seymour Chwast and Wim Crouwel on colour (well, on two colours).

Tibor Kalman and Andrew Blauvelt on the finer points of working relationships.

Peter Saville and Stuart Bailey on the nature of ‘graphic design’ itself.

Gail Anderson and Bruno Munari on the design process.

Stephen Doyle and Charles Eames on studio culture.

And finally, Michael Bierut and Matthew Carter on the notion of authenticity in contemporary design.

Are you inspired now?


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