Having Just Any Bike Is No Longer an Option for New Yorkers

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 11.32.35 AM

Something has happened to the bicycles of New York City.

Where once any bike would have done for the rough bike-unfriendly streets of Manhattan, no longer it applies to the today’s ‘generation’ of the city bikers. Being handy is no longer the ‘marketable’ quality of a bike for the New Yorkers. Nowadays, it’s all about how stylish, hip, happening your bike is. No longer having a metal heavy-duty basket is an attractive option, but rather – how well would it go with your bag and/or puppy…

The biking culture of NYC has been changing in front of my eyes. Back in the days – say, 2001-2005 – the only bikers you might have seen on the streets of Manhattan were the messengers and the take-out guys. Eight years later – it’s the metro women and men who ride them all over to/from work, to shop and out-to-launch with friends, etc. And taken that NYC is one of the most fashionable and stylish cities in the world, the bikes just got more stylish… This where the likes of Lorenzo Martone come in!

Stylistically, his cycles pop in five different eye-catching hues, dressed front-to-back in black, gold, red, white or silver.

Each comes with a metal basket that’ll hold 25 lb of gear. Simple and clean.

Tech-wise, Martone bikes feature an aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel spokes and a “duomatic gear system” that shifts automatically based on your riding speed.

It all depends on how fast you want to turn heads.

Here are just a few head-turners for women:

Women’s Gramercy


Women’s GRAND


Women’s Mercer


For the men’s collection, click here.

To see the full women’s collection, click here.

So, what makes these bikes so buzzy, aside from very cool, sleek looks? Click here.

P.S. Packaging, branding and – ‘naming’ your products defines, how well would it sell. As a proud New Yorker, the bike names of the NYC very cool, very hip districts do appeal to me… Wouldn’t you agree?

Martone Cycling Co.


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