Friday Fun: Why Cute Babies & Cats Are The Future Of Commercials

Do you know what the most trending and popular YouTube videos of all times are?

2012-05-08 16.55.45

My cat Chester

Those that involve cats and babies. Yes, that’s right! Cats and babies! Which, by the way, does not surprise me at all. I can look at funny and cute videos of cats and babies for hours, don’t you? (I should probably start looking for an agent for my cat… such look is not being used at his full potential!:)

This is one of the reasons why more and more advertising agencies start to involve both cats and babies in commercials, no matter what the product is – finance and/or cars – I can tell you  for sure that you’ll be seeing a whole lot of cats and babies in commercials in the years to come because:

1. This would guarantee the virality of the videos online:

60 million views of the video of a baby laughing at the ripping paper? You betcha! 10.5 million views of the video of a Japanese girl’s cat Maru trying to fit in the boxes? You betcha! What commercial could ever beat these numbers? Only the Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” commercial got as many views, but still – not as many as the paper baby!

2. They are timeless and ‘live’ online forever. It’s been a while since the last Taco Bell commercial featuring chihuahua, but people still remember him!

3. Everyone likes babies and cats – the audience (thus, the market) is very wide and diverse for these kind of commercials. Young and old, men and women, children and teenagers – just about anyone would watch them regardless of the advertising product, because it’s cute!

4. These commercials are all about a good mood and we all need a bit of ‘cuteness and fun’ in our lives daily.

5. Babies and cute animals rule. Period. How many moments did they steal from the best of the best in the movies, TV, books, etc.? Pretty much any time. Just think of The Artist’s Uggie? Or Rachel’s Mrs. Whiskerson? Or Frasier’s Moose? And Puss in Boots, who even got his own movie to satisfy the post-Shrek hysteria about this cat!

You want to add an element of cuteness to a commercial, fashion, movie, etc. – add a baby or a cat/dog! This is why the fashion designers have been also using cute cats and babies in their print ads. Take, for example, Chanel, Lanvin, Bulgari, and/or Burberry – you name it!


So, the babies and the cats – are the future of commercials, and, personally, I can tell for myself – I do watch them both on TV and online and they always bring smile to my face… That’s said, if you’ve missed some of the commercials that involved cats, here’s the best cat TV commercials that have been very popular on the Internet:

From Wieden + Kennedy London:

From Animal Humane Society:

From The Martin Agency:

From BBDO Toronto:

From Draftfcb Chicago:

From John St.:

From DDB Chicago:

From Fallon:

From DDB Paris:


One thought on “Friday Fun: Why Cute Babies & Cats Are The Future Of Commercials

  1. Love the commercials! I will watch any commercial with cats in it; so for advertisers it definitely works!

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