The Evolution Of The Gas Station Ads: It’s Getting Hot In Here

Gentlemen, I have a feeling that it’s THE vision you’d be all attracted to… [or – I might be wrong]

When I came across this ad, it made me thinking about all the ads I’ve been lately seeing in print and outdoors that had something to do with the cars, sex, men vs. women, gas stations, etc. and then I looked at a few vintage ads and – opa! – there’s just so much of the evolution had happened that completely transformed the ‘sexiness’ of the filling-up-the-gas imagery:


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA a318cfd5a79b8668e52c126c48e6b18f 6a0120a9506f8e970b01310fe28dbf970c-800wi sexist-ads-0412 gulf-look-10-29-1957-135-M5 gulf-life-10-05-1959-997-M5 l-xyrj7bk4n7cy2e OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The ad for Dennis Basso campaign

The ad for Prada Resort Collection 2013

The ad for the Agent Provocateur lingerie line

sexy-car-wash-Picture-courtesy-inquisitr.com_ Miss-Tuning-6 fiskerad5

Do you see what I see?

The way the ‘gender’ roles have changed from women being served at the gas stations as customers in the old times to men being not JUST served by the women – the reversed role, but they are being served by the women half-dressed and in heels. I wonder, what’s the audience for those ads, what do you think?

If it’s for women – taken that these ads feature women products like fur coats, shoes and lingerie – then I’m not sure if the modern women – especially the active feminists – would appreciate the ads with the women in lingerie filling up the gas…

If it’s for men, then what’s the product being advertised – the cars? The gas station brands? The oil products? Or – the idea of a woman in lingerie?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the evolution of the ads. I’ve been always very attracted to the ‘vintage’ era of the advertising, which is one of the reasons I’m so obsessed with Mad Men show and the early VW commercials like these ones:


820 volkswagen_lemon_hires1 sexist_vw_bug_ad_for_husbands 1966-vw-beetle-police 1966-beetle-wilt-chamberlain bernbach2

Aren’t they absolutely brilliant – both the copy and the images?!!

That’s said, you’ll be hearing a lot about the vintage ads vs. modern ads from me. Join in the conversation @AlisaKrutovsky.

So, which gas station ads do you prefer?


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