Best of Web 5 – HD

It’s amazing what’s going on in the web design, using HD format!

Best of Web 5 – HD – Zapatou from Luc Bergeron on Vimeo.

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Clever Copywriting: Being Under-construction Doesn’t Have To Be Dull

The other day I was biking in Central Park and around Upper East Side in Manhattan and I’ve noticed these posters/billboards outside, what looked like, a museum under construction.

I wasn’t really aware of the Cooper Hewitt Museum being there, despite the fact that I lived on UES for quite some years and I passed that area so many times! Anyway…

I saw these billboards and they stopped me. They got my attention. I started reading each one of them and I found the copywriting – the messaging – in them awesome. Very creative way to keep one’s attention while the museum is undergoing the renovation.

I just wanted to see more of these clever messages, but they only had three of them, which they surrounded the museum property with all around.

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Dumb Ways to Die: How To Show Dying Both Funny & Educational


Dumb Ways to Die, a catchy public service announcement from Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia, won the Grand Prix in the public relations and direct marketing categories at the Cannes Lions festival, representing a world conquest for the little PSA.

The video, which features various animated characters singing a catchy tune warning of the dangers of acting unsafely around trains, was expected to pick up at least one prize at Cannes. The film may end up winning a third Grand Prix since it is favored to win in the Films Lions category later this week. The PSA beat out contenders including Dove’s “Beauty Sketches” campaign and Oreo’s Blackout Tweet.

I saw this video a while ago and impressed the hell out of me! How can one make a PSA announcement so smart, funny and educational in the first place?! They nailed it! Not only it’s relatively graphic, but it’s ‘safe’ enough for the kids to watch it too. In addition to the accolades at Cannes, “Dumb Ways” is also closing in on 50 million YouTube views. Continue reading

The Many Art Faces of New York City: Understanding The Emerging Art


If anyone tells you that no one buys art anymore, look them straight in the eyes and tell them that they can’t be more far from the truth.

The truth is – art was, is and will be always discovered, appreciated and collected. What’s modern and emerging now – will be vintage and classic and cost twice as much in a few years. Some of my smart friends believe that even if they collect one piece of a good art work – [and by ‘good’ I mean – unique, interesting, trendy, strange, unique, etc.] – at least once in five years, they will have a very good collection for themselves and for their children that could also secure their retirement if they wanted it to.

However, most of the art collectors are not collecting art for having something to live on when they are old. Most people who collect art are the visionaries and they collect it because they appreciate it.

I’ve been always fascinated with art – and it helped growing up in Russia with some of the best art museums and galleries in the world (The Tretyakov Gallery alone!) – and while I love the classic ‘artist pack’ – Dali, da Vinci, Van Gogh, etc. – in the last few years I’ve been fascinated and very much drawn to the modern and emerging art.

I used to pass by those modern art pieces and say to myself “I have no idea what these art pieces mean, I don’t understand them, I can do this at home myself…” When I was a teenager, I used to look at Malevich works, for example, and think: “What’s so special about this Black Square? I can do this square as easily…” The same thing I thought about Andy Warhol’s works until one day someone told me that it’s not the fact that you can do it, it’s the fact that they were the FIRST ones to do it.

This perspective of how to approach the art work completely changed my attitude towards it. Now when I look at modern and emerging art works, I try to see if it’s something I’ve seen before or is it something that is new and hasn’t been done before? And I’ve been discovering quite a few art pieces at the NYC art shows that surprised me. Continue reading

Friday Fun: Why Cute Babies & Cats Are The Future Of Commercials

Do you know what the most trending and popular YouTube videos of all times are?

2012-05-08 16.55.45

My cat Chester

Those that involve cats and babies. Yes, that’s right! Cats and babies! Which, by the way, does not surprise me at all. I can look at funny and cute videos of cats and babies for hours, don’t you? (I should probably start looking for an agent for my cat… such look is not being used at his full potential!:)

This is one of the reasons why more and more advertising agencies start to involve both cats and babies in commercials, no matter what the product is – finance and/or cars – I can tell you  for sure that you’ll be seeing a whole lot of cats and babies in commercials in the years to come because: Continue reading

The Evolution Of The Gas Station Ads: It’s Getting Hot In Here

Gentlemen, I have a feeling that it’s THE vision you’d be all attracted to… [or – I might be wrong]

When I came across this ad, it made me thinking about all the ads I’ve been lately seeing in print and outdoors that had something to do with the cars, sex, men vs. women, gas stations, etc. and then I looked at a few vintage ads and – opa! – there’s just so much of the evolution had happened that completely transformed the ‘sexiness’ of the filling-up-the-gas imagery: Continue reading