The Sweets of Harrods: A New Logo & Packaging Look For Almond Brittle

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 11.58.13 AM

As my final project for the Typography class at the School of Visual Arts that I’ve just finished two weeks ago we had to re-design a logo for the Harrods’ famous sweet & confectionary product: Chocolate Coated Butter Almond Brittle / Milk, Dark, and Chocolate and then apply it to a package, which we also had to design with a luxury product in mind.

If you don’t know, Harrods is the luxury department store in UK. Think of it as the ‘Bergdorf Goodman‘ of London. Thus, the logo and the packaging had to reflect the luxury aspect of it. Almond Brittle that costs $16 is definitely not your usual Trader Joe’s chocolate covered nuts for $3.99-4.99. Thus, the logo and packaging for the Harrod’s almond brittle had to look, feel & ‘smell’ like luxury.

When it comes to designing for a luxury brand, I think of it as comparing an original Monet painting to its reprint – one that is drawn/painted by hand, the other one – using a scanner and printer and a bit of twisting on the computer. Hence, for me – creating something by hand, which takes longer and requires more crafting by hand, and only THEN manipulating the hand-made design in a computer graphics program – means luxury.

Thus, I’ve decided to go with the hand-made logos and graphics first, creating a few versions of it in ink.

HarrodsHandMadeLogo2 HarrodsHandMadeLogo

Then I scanned it in order to import it in Photoshop to make the final touches: adding color, corresponding graphics, etc.

And here’s how the final product end up looking:


Logo designed by Alisa Krutovsky, as part of the Typography class project for the School of Visual Arts (Spring 2013)


More about my other logo designs for the Typography class: Art in America logo and Integral Yoga Institute NYC logo, which I’ve also experimented with the hand-written versions of it.


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