The Affordable Art Fair 2013: The Art That Keeps on Giving

Affordableartfair12A few weeks ago I wrote about the art shows that have been taking place in New York this spring with just a few weeks apart between the show. In this blog post you can find the links to The Armory Show, The International ArtExpo, and The Scope Art Show. To see some of the works that caught my attention at The Affordable Art Fair you can either see it in the review article I did for here and/or to see the extended list of the art pieces you can just scroll down to the end of this blog post.

Last weekend I’ve also attended the PULSE NYC contemporary art show, the review of which I will do this week and will post the link to the review of it here on my blog. But let’s talk about the Affordable Art Fair – what it is, what is its aim and what kind of art pieces it had.

It’s been quite an overwhelming few months for the art lovers, makers, collectors and buyers. This is one of the things I love about NYC – it’s the variety of everything we get and the only effort that we have to make is to buy tickets and go, unlike some other people who cannot do it just as easily as the New Yorkers do.

I’ve been to all of them – believe it or not – and while some of my friends who’ve seen just a few shows think that the more you see the art shows, the more they become similar and familiar and nothing seems to impress by the time the last art show wraps up.

However, I do not agree it. One one hand, I’d definitely spread them out so that the shows don’t happen every week – to give a breather to the attendees to collect the thoughts, analyze the art seen and to make a mental selection of which art direction, medium and/or theme to concentrate on for the next show. It also helps to see all the shows to identify what’s been happening in the contemporary art, which mediums are the hottest – be it digital art and/or the mixed medium – going to a few shows helps to identify it. And no matter how similar you might think the art pieces look at the different shows, they are all different. The only common characteristics all the shows I’ve talked about have is the fact that they all presented contemporary/modern art. Also, all of them presented the artists and galleries from other countries.

Yesterday I’ve visited the last big art show this season – the Pulse NYC contemporary art far, which I haven’t yet written about. However, you can now learn more about the Affordable Art Fair 2013 that took place in April 3-7, 2013 in New York City. Stay tuned to learn and view the art works from the Pulse NYC, where I took quite a few photos and videos yesterday.

By the way, you can now follow these art shows and fairs on Twitter:

Affordable Art Fair (@AAFNYC)

The Armory Show (@thearmoryshow)

The Scope Art Show (@SCOPEArtShow)

The Pulse NYC (@PULSEArtFair)

See all the photos I took at the Affordable Art Fair 2013 this year:

Affordableartfair Affordableartfair2 Affordableartfair3 Affordableartfair4 Affordableartfair5 Affordableartfair6 Affordableartfair7 Affordableartfair8 Affordableartfair9 Affordableartfair10 Affordableartfair11 Affordableartfair12 Affordableartfair13 Affordableartfair14 Affordableartfair15 Affordableartfair18 Affordableartfair19 Affordableartfair20 Affordableartfair21 Affordableartfair22 Affordableartfair23 Affordableartfair24 Affordableartfair25 Affordableartfair27



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