Blast From The Past: The 2007’s Corporate Newsletter & 2005’s School Poster

Who would have ever thought that I’d find this newsletter from way back in the days, when I worked at a PR firm in Los Angeles?! Funny how I look at it now and think how not good looking it is. Of course now I would have designed something very, very different from it, but then again, I did this newsletter six years ago, it’s like I’m looking at a dinosaur bone remain that I just digged out from the ground.

Corporate Newsletter – Summer ’07

This is one of the newsletters I’ve designed for a PR firm that we used to send to our clients each quarter. This newsletter is from 2007. As you can see, it is far from being advanced, but then again, I’ve used the old Adobe InDesign program, which I haven’t quite mastered yet and my skills were rather amateur. Still, back then I was experimenting with the graphic programs at home and whenever it was needed at a non-design jobs like this one.

This is quite blast from the past, as they say. I was cleaning up the files on my computer and found it. I’ve also found this ad that I created for the High School of Art and Design in NYC, when they ‘hired’ me to do publicity and PR campaign, advocating for the need of this school as it the NY Board of Education wanted to close it due to the fact that they need this real estate space for some profitable project. I volunteered to do PR for them as at that time I have just finished the PR/Publicity Cerfiticate Program and I needed to build up my portfolio with the real-life cases. I was very proud of my work for the school: we got a lot of media coverage – thanks to the PR pitches and cold calling I remember doing before my work, on my lunch breaks and weekends. I was resilient. I was very passionate about this project and the more I was getting to know the school, the stuff, the students and the alumni of the school: Tony Bennett, Vladimir Kagan, Antonio Lopez, and Art Spiegelman. (More about the famous alumni here.)

I really wanted to help this school. The likes of NY Post, NY Daily, Metro/amNY and Village covered the event. Many NY residents and parents of the students came to rally.


I’m sure I’ll be having the same opinion of my works that I do today in 10 years. It’s one interesting journey, indeed…


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