I’m On @Behance: Let’s Connect & Stay In Touch


You’ve got to love Behance.

Behance is a great platform for the creative people AROUND THE WORLD – both professionals and students – to not only share their works and projects, but also to stay in touch with each other through browsing around and subscribing to the individuals and design shops you’d like to receive the design updates from.

It’s a great very-easy-to-use, platform, which allows [for FREE] to see the works of the others and stay updated on their works. I especially love Behance for being able to see what’s done in other parts of the world in the industry I’m aspiring to be working in.

For example, I’m following the designers and design shops from USA, Austria, Mexico, UAE, and Norway and I’m constantly expanding my outreach. Behance allows you to create and customize your ‘circle’ of professional friends. As well as see what other people think about your design! Even though I’m a relatively new member of Behance community, I already have 7 followers myself.

You can see [and join] my profile here.

Behance is like an online visual portfolio slash social network that allows to share your work through multiple social media plugins like Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Funding-announcement-image1 behance

It’s also a great platform to build and promote your portfolio. Who knows, maybe you’ll be discovered on Behance!

So, are you on Behance?


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