Ja, Doch: The Street Art Of German Small Towns

Hallo, meine Freunde!

Or as would my German friends say – hello, my friends! As you can guess, I’m not in USA right now, otherwise, why would I speak German to you, right?

I’m visiting in Germany right now, where I’ll be staying for the next 10 days. I’ll be visiting a lot of small towns around Gottingen, while staying in Lenglern, where my parents live now.

Lenglern is a very small town – the suburbs of a relatively large town – Gottingen, the home for the oldest universities Georg-August University (where my dad works and teaches), the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and the private University of Göttingen – it’s a true student-faculty town, one of the ‘qualities’ I like about this place as it boosts with student (thus – affordable) bars and cafes, as well as the town lives and breaths with the biking culture. More than 26,000 students live in Gottingen, thus, there are always quite a few street arts – propaganda messages that the forward-thinking progressive youth would want to put out there, like this one:


I also found their street art to be very outspoken and controversial, especially for a small town, which can unlikely be racist and nazist towards anyone. I’ve lived in this town and visited it so many times that I can’t believe my eyes when I see the flyers calling for anti-nazism action and support…Check them out and let me know what you think. Continue reading

The Sweets of Harrods: A New Logo & Packaging Look For Almond Brittle

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 11.58.13 AM

As my final project for the Typography class at the School of Visual Arts that I’ve just finished two weeks ago we had to re-design a logo for the Harrods’ famous sweet & confectionary product: Chocolate Coated Butter Almond Brittle / Milk, Dark, and Chocolate and then apply it to a package, which we also had to design with a luxury product in mind.

If you don’t know, Harrods is the luxury department store in UK. Think of it as the ‘Bergdorf Goodman‘ of London. Thus, the logo and the packaging had to reflect the luxury aspect of it. Almond Brittle that costs $16 is definitely not your usual Trader Joe’s chocolate covered nuts for $3.99-4.99. Thus, the logo and packaging for the Harrod’s almond brittle had to look, feel & ‘smell’ like luxury. Continue reading

Blast From The Past: The 2007’s Corporate Newsletter & 2005’s School Poster

Who would have ever thought that I’d find this newsletter from way back in the days, when I worked at a PR firm in Los Angeles?! Funny how I look at it now and think how not good looking it is. Of course now I would have designed something very, very different from it, but then again, I did this newsletter six years ago, it’s like I’m looking at a dinosaur bone remain that I just digged out from the ground.

Corporate Newsletter – Summer ’07

This is one of the newsletters I’ve designed for a PR firm that we used to send to our clients each quarter. This newsletter is from 2007. As you can see, it is far from being advanced, but then again, I’ve used the old Adobe InDesign program, which I haven’t quite mastered yet and my skills were rather amateur. Still, back then I was experimenting with the graphic programs at home and whenever it was needed at a non-design jobs like this one. Continue reading

This Is Quite Awesome: The Esquire Logo Project

Watch Aaron Rayburn design the Esquire logo:

Watch David Rockwell design the Esquire logo: Continue reading

The Affordable Art Fair 2013: The Art That Keeps on Giving

Affordableartfair12A few weeks ago I wrote about the art shows that have been taking place in New York this spring with just a few weeks apart between the show. In this blog post you can find the links to The Armory Show, The International ArtExpo, and The Scope Art Show. To see some of the works that caught my attention at The Affordable Art Fair you can either see it in the review article I did for Examiner.com here and/or to see the extended list of the art pieces you can just scroll down to the end of this blog post.

Last weekend I’ve also attended the PULSE NYC contemporary art show, the review of which I will do this week and will post the link to the review of it here on my blog. But let’s talk about the Affordable Art Fair – what it is, what is its aim and what kind of art pieces it had. Continue reading

The History of Typography

The History of Typography – Animated Short from Ben Barrett-Forrest on Vimeo.

Adding FIT To My Resume


I’m happy to share with you that I’m now also a student of the legendary Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City, known as the place where some of the well-known creative folks have graduated from, like:

ImageKaren Allen – actress
David Chu – President, Designer and CEO of Nautica International, Inc.
Francisco Costa – designer, Calvin Klein collection for women
Angie Cruz – novelist and author
Nina Garcia – Project Runway judge; editor-at-large, Marie-Claire magazine
Carolina Herrera – fashion designer, President of Carolina Herrera New York
Calvin Klein – founder of Calvin Klein, Inc.
Michael Kors – President and CEO of Michael Kors
Nanette Lepore – fashion designer and owner, Robespierre, Inc.
Antonio Lopez – fashion illustrator
Leon Max – President and CEO of Max Studios
Melissa McCarthy – film and television actress, comedian, writer and producer
Ralph Rucci – fashion designer, Chado Ralph Rucci
Joel Schumacher  – director, producer, writer, costume designer
Fabrice Simon – fashion designer and artist
Isabel Toledo – fashion designer. Click here to read my write-up on her.
Joe Zee – Creative Director of Elle Magazine, host of the Sundance Channel’s original program All on the Line

Just to name a few. However, as much as it sounds fabulous, it’s not the famous alumni that matter, but the education FIT offers. Continue reading