The Many Revisions & Hours Spent On One Logo

As one of my readers pointed out, my Typography class professor has used a very old example of the “Art in America” magazine logo that we had to redesign for the editorial project in the class (see here). However, at this point, it didn’t matter what he used for the ‘original’ logo as it had to be re-designed anyway.

I made a few versions for the new logo, one of which has been chosen and I was working on crafting and finalizing it to perfection for the portfolio showcase.

Here’s how the current logo of the Art in America magazine looks like:


The current logo of the Art in America magazine

Now, scroll down to see what I’ve done to it.

The concept for the very first version of the logo that I designed was to bring back a feel of the legacy of the Art in America magazine to show that it’s been around for years and that it’s one of the oldest magazines in America that talks about the art.

I also wanted for the logo to look a bit ‘old school’ as most of the readers of the magazine are people, who are a bit on a conservative side when it comes to learning and acquiring the art. This is not a modern design magazine (deals little about the new mediums and digital art, for example), it’s an illustrated monthly magazine, international magazine concentrating on the contemporary art world, including profiles of artists and genres, updates about art movements, show reviews and event schedules. It is designed for collectors, artists, dealers, art professionals and other consumers who are interested in all aspects of the artworld. The magazine includes extensive coverage and criticism of sculpture, painting and photography. Of course, now they try to expand their audience/readership by offering information on some of the new art. But even then, they cover the art the old-fashioned way – featuring the artists, galleries and art dealers contacts and information.


The original logo, the first version of the re-designed logo and the final logo

However, our typography instructor was not particularly happy about the first version of the logo I designed. He felt that the type I’ve chosen is very much a signature type of one particular period – the Art Deco. (Font: Harrington, which I slightly modified and included the detailing).

Here’s the second – and final – version of the logo I re-designed and the version has been approved:

Final version of the Art in America logo

The concept of the final logo was to make it ‘more modern’ and, in a way, ‘timeless’, clean and ‘universal’ to address the fact that the magazine has bee evolving to include more of the contemporary arts. (Font: Century, which I also modified).

And the idea of the ‘dot part’ of the ‘i’ is to change the color of it in correspondance to the cover color of the magazine – to make it a bit playful.

This is how it works with the cover of the magazine we also had to design, incorporating the new (re-designed) logo we did:


The cover page for the Art in America. By Alisa Krutovsky

I’ll talk more about the editorial project in the next blog.

I also played around the Art in America logo more, which I found to be a very good practice (even if the school instructor) accepts your logo, try to play around a bit more to see if you can come up with other logos – it’s a very good practice!)

The many versions of the logo I played around

It’d be great to know what you think. Do you like the final version? If not, how would you improve it?


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