It’s Finals Week: Wrapping up Typography & Copywriting Courses!

Sorry, sorry, sorry for not being as active on my blog in the last few weeks. It’s the finals week at the School of Visual Arts. We are wrapping up all the graphic design and copywriting assignments.

For the typography class we need to choose three of the projects we did in the class this term and, basically, make them perfect in order for them to be mounted for the final review to see if they are applicable to be portfolio pieces.

The same deal with the Copywriting class, except that we need to take all of our creative ideas for the advertising campaigns we worked on for three months and take the ones approved by the instructor to develop into the fully-executed ad campaigns. Taken that we only presented the copywriting ideas with the hand-drawn visuals, it’d be a few crazy days to take all of them and make it into a perfect graphically executed ad campaign with the right message, visuals and typeface. Ahhh…

This said, I’ll be a bit busy this week, so not many postings will be happening…Unfortunately. But I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. [Even my rollerblades and my bike are upset at me that instead of taken them to the west side waterfront, I’m being at home immersed into the Photoshop…]



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