Shoe Obsession: The History of The Influencial Shoe Designs


“Shoe Obsession” exhibit at the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology, April 2013

I’ve been always interested in fashion, especially in the history of the fashion design. I appreciate a great design in everything – from interior design to the editorial design. [I wouldn’t mind working in the magazine design after I finish my certificate program in the graphic design at the School of Visual Arts and Fashion Institute of Technology, where I’m current enrolled.] One of the privileges of living in the city like NYC is the exposure to the unique art and design events – from the art shows to the film festivals, which I often talk about.

One of the most recent events that I went to was the “Shoe Obsession” exhibit organized by the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology that just wrapped up on April 13.

I always appreciated a good design of a shoe and many of the people do so as well. However, you’ll be surprised to find out that only a few people today could say for sure that they know the history of the footwear design and, most importantly, understand the influence of the historic events that inspired the shoe design. Hence, when the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology put together the exhibition “Shoe Obsession”, offering to see the exhibition with the experts, it was instantly ‘sold out’. I was able to get in and learn some amazing facts from the history of the shoe design.


Click here to see some of the amazing shoe designs and what ‘stands’ behind the concept of these shoe designs. Remember: Behind each great design there’s a great designer.


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