Real Men Don’t Buy Girls Campaign: But Do They Succeed?

I came across these two ads that somehow I’ve never seen ‘live’ before. I’m not sure if they have ever been aired on TV, or if they were meant for the online outreach only – either way, I never saw them.

There’s a series of them. These ads are part of the “Join the Real Men Don’t Buy Girls Campaign” to take a stand against child sex slavery, the work that was started by the Demi and Ashton (DNA) Foundation in 2009.

The foundation aims to disrupt and deflate the predatory behavior of those who abuse and traffic children, solicit sex with children or create and share child pornography.

As much as I support this great cause, I have a strong doubt about the effectiveness of this digital (outreach) campaign. I watched the videos over and over again and I still don’t get it. I mean – I do get it, but at the same time – I do not get it. A while ago I posted a video from the RED campaign, which also employs the celebrities, but in the RED’s case the message is clear and they are doing a great job with it. Both – RED and DNA Foundation support great causes, but as far as the RED is concerned, their ‘advertisements’ have a more powerful effect. 

Here are the videos and further discussion:

What do you think?

If you were told to ‘redesign’ the videos (thus, messages, images, etc.) – how would you do it?

You can see more DNA Foundation Videos here.


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