Art in America: Redesigning The Logo

One of the last projects we are doing in our Typography class has to do with the editorial design, or, to be exact – we have to re-design the Art in America magazine, starting with the logo.

We were told to think about the logo redesign in relationship to how it works on a cover – which makes sense, you can’t put a comedy type font on a magazine like Diabetic Living, right?

Then, after we redesigned the logo, the next part was to design a cover incorporating the new logo, but I’ll talk about it later. Let’s take care of the very first part of the assignment – the logo re-design.

So, the current logo has a relatively ‘modern’ look, and also very clean, very readable, but I wanted to completely redesign the feel of it. I wanted to show that the art in America goes as far as to the beginning of the century. I also wanted to ‘revive’ the fonts that are more ‘old school’, like a hand-writing, something that Louise Fili would be happy about. (Personally, I see more and more of the modern typography and less and less of the art deco types of the fonts.

Here’s what I came up with:


Art in America – before and after, by Alisa Krutovsky for School of Visual Arts (SVA)

How does the new logo feel to you? In other words, are there any specific time periods that it reminds you with as far as the typography is concerned?

We had a chance to present it to the typography instructor last Monday – along with the magazine cover page, and I’ve got my feedback, which I will not reveal, just not yet. I first want to know what you think.

P.S. I’ll be talking a lot about Louise Fili, who is one of most well known and talented working graphic designers in America! She was an author of many graphic design books that keep on influencing the younger generations of the graphic designers.


3 thoughts on “Art in America: Redesigning The Logo

    • Actually, you are right. He’s been teaching at the School of Visual arts for many years and he used the same assignment with the old info, obviously. But in this case it didn’t matter, because he asked us to re-design the logo and he would have asked us to do the same thing for the new logo. The point was to re-design the existing logo, be it an old one or a new one. Thank you for letting me know though, because it’s very useful to see what the new logo looks like now.

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