Your April’s Reading List : Designers & Books Share What’s New On The Market

If you live in NYC and work in a creative field, most likely you know of the local graphic design/design organizations that offer classes, lectures, seminars and all kinds of other educational events for the people working in the creative fields.

However, even if you’ve lived here for some time, you might have not heard about the Designers & Books organization and their first ever event – The Designers & Books Fair – that they launched last year at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. I happened to attend it last year. I learned about it from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) school’s newsletter I’ve been subscribing to for some time now.

The Designers & Books Fair 2012 was a very interesting FREE event, where the visitors could not only learn about the latest books on design (all kinds of design – from fashion and technology design to advertising and fine arts), but also meet the authors of the books and attend various presentations and lectures of the participating designers and authors who were on hand to talk about their involvement in the creative industry.

photo(281) photo(272) photo(270) photo(282) photo(285)

Here’s just a few of those that I’ve attended:

The Learning from Experience: Four Graphic Designers in Conversation, which featured some of the best graphic designers in NYC: Elaine Lustig Cohen (Graphic Designer and Artist, New York), Tom Geismar (Graphic Designer, Chermayeff & Geismar, New York), Hilary Greenbaum (Graphic Designer, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York), and Prem Krishnamurthy (Graphic Designer, Project Projects, New York).




photo(283) photo(284)

Hal Rubenstein’s talk on his latest book “100 Unforgettable Dresses”. The members of the audience were able to ask them questions about their design careers and experiences. This has been both very informative and inspiring, not to mention that the book fair itself offered so many great books and directly from the publishers that it was a complete damage to my credit card – I just, literally, wanted to buy everything, and I did – not only I bought the Hal Rubenstein’s book but I’ve also had him signed it!

DBFairHal5 DBFairHal9 DBFairHal7 DBFairHal

To see more photos from the event, click here.

So, now, after the event, I was so taken by the organizers and participants of the fair that I’ve subscribed to their newsletter, which talk about the new books, lectures and feature interviews with the professionals from a very wide array of the creative industries. I’d suggest you subscribe to it as well, even if you are not living in NYC, because you can still learn about the latest design trends and books. Click here to subscribe. And do visit their blog once a while, there’s some good info!

Here’s just a few updates that I’ve received in the past few months that you might be interested in:

A New Look For Harvard University Press—Q&A with Sagi Haviv and Tim Jones, click here.

A book list from Graphic designer Peter Mendelsund, click here.

A book list from Product and graphic designer Freeman Lau: Kan & Lau Design Consultants (Hong Kong), click here.


Intertwined Chairs from Freeman Lau’s “Chairplay” series, 2008

A book list from Product/Industrial designer David Weeks: David Weeks Studio (New York), click here.

A book list from Architect Jens Holm: HAO/Holm Architecture Office (Copenhagen and New York), click here.

A book list from Design magazine editor Amanda Dameron: Dwell (New York), click here.

A book list from Architect Victoria Meyers: Hanrahan Meyers Architects (New York), click here.

A book list from Graphic designer Massimo Pitis: Studio Pitis (Milan), click here.

And these are just a few book lists that I gave you from what the Designers & Books organization sends out on a weekly basis. Every week or so I receive a newsletter from the Designers & Books, where they always feature designers, the story behind their profession (and/or company) and various advices for the existing and aspiring designers.

P.S. What I love about these book lists is that it’s not only about the graphic design – or design in general, for that matter. These are the books that one should red to get inspired. These are the books that make one dream and ‘live in the wonderland’ of thoughts that could help one to be a better designer. Designers are often in their own worlds – as they say – but these are the worlds that are fed by the alike books listed below. Wouldn’t you agree?


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