Portfolio Showcase: My Typography Class Portfolio Choices


The Spring term’s classes at the School of Visual Arts are down, two (or maybe even three) more to go! I’ve made it!

Last night was the last class for the Typography course and we had to present our portfolio just like we would have done for the client in the real world.

So, here’s what I’ve chosen for my typography portfolio showcase: Continue reading

The Many Revisions & Hours Spent On One Logo

As one of my readers pointed out, my Typography class professor has used a very old example of the “Art in America” magazine logo that we had to redesign for the editorial project in the class (see here). However, at this point, it didn’t matter what he used for the ‘original’ logo as it had to be re-designed anyway.

I made a few versions for the new logo, one of which has been chosen and I was working on crafting and finalizing it to perfection for the portfolio showcase.

Here’s how the current logo of the Art in America magazine looks like:


The current logo of the Art in America magazine

Now, scroll down to see what I’ve done to it. Continue reading

Making The Type Talk: The Wall-E


Don’t you just love guessing the typeface every time you look at some text. Ever since I’ve been studying the typography, I can’t help myself but try to guess the typeface/fonts everywhere I go and/or whatever I look at or read. At some point it starts to drive me crazy, because I do it subconsciously  and then catch myself doing it.

It especially drives me crazy if I can’t guess the font, or, when I see that there’s less diversity in the fonts that the surroundings use.

We had an interesting discussion in one of my typography classes, way back, about the fact that in the beginning of the 20th Century, for example, the business owners (from store owners and first banks to the medical offices and entertainment centers) made an effort to use the HANDMADE typeface. Continue reading

Making the Right Choice: It Ain’t Easy, Ya Know

So, there! The spring term has come to an end, and making the selection of the works I’d like to include in my portfolio has never been easy. I’m debating with myself on which pieces I should go with. Perhaps you can help me to make the selection?

Which one should I choose for a portfolio piece? Continue reading

It’s Finals Week: Wrapping up Typography & Copywriting Courses!

Sorry, sorry, sorry for not being as active on my blog in the last few weeks. It’s the finals week at the School of Visual Arts. We are wrapping up all the graphic design and copywriting assignments.

For the typography class we need to choose three of the projects we did in the class this term and, basically, make them perfect in order for them to be mounted for the final review to see if they are applicable to be portfolio pieces. Continue reading

Shoe Obsession: The History of The Influencial Shoe Designs


“Shoe Obsession” exhibit at the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology, April 2013

I’ve been always interested in fashion, especially in the history of the fashion design. I appreciate a great design in everything – from interior design to the editorial design. [I wouldn’t mind working in the magazine design after I finish my certificate program in the graphic design at the School of Visual Arts and Fashion Institute of Technology, where I’m current enrolled.] One of the privileges of living in the city like NYC is the exposure to the unique art and design events – from the art shows to the film festivals, which I often talk about.

One of the most recent events that I went to was the “Shoe Obsession” exhibit organized by the Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology that just wrapped up on April 13. Continue reading

Real Men Don’t Buy Girls Campaign: But Do They Succeed?

I came across these two ads that somehow I’ve never seen ‘live’ before. I’m not sure if they have ever been aired on TV, or if they were meant for the online outreach only – either way, I never saw them.

There’s a series of them. These ads are part of the “Join the Real Men Don’t Buy Girls Campaign” to take a stand against child sex slavery, the work that was started by the Demi and Ashton (DNA) Foundation in 2009.

The foundation aims to disrupt and deflate the predatory behavior of those who abuse and traffic children, solicit sex with children or create and share child pornography.

As much as I support this great cause, I have a strong doubt about the effectiveness of this digital (outreach) campaign. I watched the videos over and over again and I still don’t get it. I mean – I do get it, but at the same time – I do not get it. A while ago I posted a video from the RED campaign, which also employs the celebrities, but in the RED’s case the message is clear and they are doing a great job with it. Both – RED and DNA Foundation support great causes, but as far as the RED is concerned, their ‘advertisements’ have a more powerful effect. 

Here are the videos and further discussion: Continue reading