The Art Directors Club Presents Advertising And Graphic Design Students’ Portfolio Works

photo9Last Tuesday The School of Visual Arts presented “ADVERTISING and DESIGN PORTFOLIO” showcase of the portfolio works by the Advertising and Design majors at the School of Visual Arts. The students were asked to submit ads, campaigns, designs, motion graphics and 3-D work.

The event is being held at the Art Directors Club, March 26 through April 5, 2013, 106 West 29th Street. If you live in NYC, I’d strongly suggest you go and see it because it would give you not only a perspective of what the other students do, but also to see what pieces they would be including in their portfolios to apply for a real job after the graduation. It definitely helps you to understand what you are up against.

The event was very successful. Many students and instructors were present. There were also a couple of portfolio pieces done by the students whose instructors were the very well known and highly respected working designers, like Paula Scher and Carine Goldberg.

I really enjoyed looking through the portfolio pieces of the graduating design and advertising students because this is something I’m studying as well and it would be wonderful to have my works up on the walls at the ADC one time.

photo6 photo12 photo19 photo22 photo24 photo28


I also strongly suggest that you subscribe to the Art Directors Club’s newsletter to stay informed of all other related to your industry and studies events.

And even though I didn’t really find the showcased portfolio pieces – groundbreaking, I did think they were quality works. I’ve also noticed that all of them were rather about the visuals with very little text – the overall observation that made me think, whether it’s the new trend to be minimalistic in the design or it’s something that the current instructors in the design and advertising classes ‘preach’ to the students as the kind of work that’s being in demand right now. What do you think?

Here’s just a few of the pieces that caught my eye:


Are there any works that you liked in particular? And, why?


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