An Unconventional Ad Campaign: Blue Balls Blues

How do you create a message and visual to educate the public about a sexually related matter in a creative way, in the way it’s never been done before?

We’ve all seen ads that featured couples, doctors, parents and teenage kids with an awkward messaging of how to protect against the STD’s, how to have safe sex, because how do you promote safe sex without featuring the people who engage in it or products one uses to have safe sex, right?

Of course, if your product has something to do with sex, the most obvious way to talk about it is to feature people, right?

Well, it’s not attracting our attention anymore because we – as humans – have been educated about it for a damn long time and we already know what kind of messages and images the advertisers would use – it’s always the same, so we tend to tune off from these messages.

This is why, this unconventional approach to promoting safe sex has been drawing so much attention, because instead of warning viewers about pregnancy or STDs, this campaign focuses on a different affliction personified by two testicles named Rusty and Vern, who’ve got the blues real bad—the Blue Balls Blues—and want to tell you all about it through song.


The Blue Balls Blues (Official Blues Video) from The Blue Balls Blues on Vimeo.

The website explains:Rusty and Vern are a pair of balls on a mission. A mission to save mankind from big, bulging problems. Hailed as the rallying cry for any testicle that’s ever suffered from man’s eternal struggle to remember condoms, their debut single has critics buzzing, ladies applauding, and guys singing a different tune. So watch the video, enjoy the melody, but do mind their message. This is no labor of love for ol’ Rusty and Vern. This, like so many blues greats before them, is the only way they could find release.”

The work is from the creative team of John Lightstone, Antonio Marcato, Jon Barco and Brittany Weltner, with help from T2 Studios and Big Foote Music & Sound.


CREDITS Creative Team Writer: John Lightstone. Art Directors: Antonio Marcato, Jon Barco. Junior Art Director: Brittany Weltner. Music: Big Foote. Music & Sound Executive Producer: Paul Seymour. Production: T2 Studios. Creative Director: Travis Schlitter Puppet.


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