A Scrapbook Is Designer’s Best Friend

Here’s my two pennies of why I think any self-respected copywriter/designer has got to have a real scrapbook.

No matter how popular are the smartphones and the built-in and available for sale Apps like Notes and iBooks, there’s nothing like a good old scrapbook, which one can use not only for writing, but for sketching the ideas.

You’ll be surprised how many people in today’s day and age still use them: fashion designers swear by them, graphic designers swear by them, CEOs of the companies swear by their notebooks, even the journalists swear by it, despite the many audio/video Apps like AudioBoo.

There’s just a very good feeling of opening a scrapbook anywhere you are and see your ideas sketched across the times. It’s like reading a book the old fashioned way vs. reading it on Nook and/or Kindle. I’m one of the last ‘dinosaurs’ who still prefers to hold a book and/or magazine and read it, by flipping the actual pages, smelling the scent of a new book, enjoying the typeface and design of a book and fonts used. I’ll never ever give it up. Really…

Ideas, ideas, ideas…they can come and go at any time and any place, so get yourself a scrapbook and see how it’d change your perception of thinking in the moment and getting your ideas into the book.



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