The Many Creative Concepts of PETA: The Disturbance That Affects

You know who does great for-a-cause advertising: copy and visuals? PETA! Just try to google PETA and you will see, what I mean.

Back in the days when I worked as a correspondent for Voice of America, I got to know Ingrid Newkirk, the founder of PETA, very well. She was my expert guru on any matter related to the animal abuse. I’ve never met a more passionate about her work person in my life! She could talk and elaborate on an issue for hours – the time that most of the journalists don’t really have, but with her it was a completely different matter. Her zeal for what she, and her organization PETA, does is un-exhausting.

I interviewed her for a few articles that had something to do with an animal abuse. Before I actually talked to her, I called in and talked to her assistant and explained the subject matter of my phone call. In about a few minutes, Newkirk called me back.

Newkirk is one passionate woman; she can talk for hours about her cause. This is one of the traits – the passion, the drive – that anyone would want to expect from a leader/founder/owner of a company and/or organization. It’s one of the reasons why Apple is not as hot today, as it was during the times when Steve Jobs was around – because much of the ‘brand’ has to do with a strong, ambitious, driven, smart, innovative, controversial, and articulate personality behind it. Once it’s not there, the ‘brand’ falls apart, and this is exactly what’s been happening with Apple since the day Jobs passed away.

Even though I’m not a vegetarian, I respect PETA a great deal. I love how they market, promote and spread the awareness of their issues. They must be having a pretty clever either in-house or a hired advertising/PR agency.

PETA is very good at visualizing their messages…to the point of disturbance. Here are a few of the good ones that I find very effective, striking, and powerful:

url-27url-21 url-26url-25url-23url-22url-24

And, of course, it helps to have a celebrity attached to the cause, and PETA does have quite a few celebrities who support PETA’s causes.

If you can read Russian, here’s a few articles I wrote about the animal abuse, for which I interviewed Newkirk. Click here to see it.


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