Typography: Applying Logo To Stationery, Part II – Review & Redesign

Again, my first version of the stationery – according to the typography class instructor – ended up to be too busy, too complicated (especially the full-page ad), too confusing and the logo, as I’ve learned, should always stay the same – no change of color and/or no tweaks and variations – it should always be the same. Lesson learned!

Here’s the revised designs of the Integral Yoga Institute stationery:

A full-page ad, revised:

Business card – front, revised:


Business card – back, revised:


 Letterhead, revised:


Envelope – front, revised:


Envelope – back, revised: 2 versions, the last one was chosen out of two


After this presentation, I’ve got the final notes from the professor that included making just a few minor tweaks to the stationery and ad. The final version will be published soon. Moreover, the best part about the school is having your work revised not only by the professional – instructor – but also by the classmates. One of my favorite things about the graphic design and copywriting that I’m taking at the School of Visual Arts is seeing the work of the classmates, the brainstorming and the evaluation of my work. Some great ideas can be inspired by someone’s comments in the class that might make you think, question and wonder…


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