Typography: Logo Design

The very first assignment we got in the Typography class at the School of Visual Arts was to design a logo and then apply it to stationery system/image ad for a popular yoga institute in NYC – Integral Yoga Institute.

Inspired by the old school of typography and typeface design, I decided to approach it by hand-creating the logo. I’ve designed a few choices for the logo, which were then presented in the class: let’s just say I got carried away…

Personally the way I research a ‘client’ is by physically going to the site to see what they say, show and practice – what symbols they use the most, what ‘spirits’ they exhibit, what they sell, what they teach, what stands out the most. Then I explored their site – http://www.iyiny.org to see what colors they use to ‘describe’ their mission, services, products, yoga teachers, beliefs, etc…

I saw the ‘flow’ of their teachings. I also saw the symbols they use the most to ‘define’ themselves – those were the lotus flower, the OM sign and the symbol of unity (the ‘sun’ of the signs). Hence, I decided to start with it and here’s what I came up with — drawn by hand, I then scanned it to insert into the Photoshop for further editing if needed:




In my next blog you will see the notes and the edits of the first versions of the logo.


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