School Graphic Design Reading List and More

Don’t you just love the school read lists? I do, especially, when it comes to the subject matter that interests me at greatest – the graphic design.

It’s one of the perks to be going to a graphic design school, because the class instructors give the best of the best reads, which, by yourself, you might otherwise overlook, like I did, despite the fact that I own quite a few books on graphic design (those on the pictures below are just a few of the books I have in my library!)



Knowing quite a few books, I could have overlooked many more. So, here’s what I have on my plate right now – which is making me a hermit for the next few months as I go through it.

And here’s a full list from our Typography class instructor on the Graphic Design Books those, who aspire to be and/or become a graphic designer (only a very small listing):

  1. Thinking with Type, by Ellen Lupton. This book is a definite book on all things type.
  2. Typography Sketchbooks, by Steven Heller, Lita Talarico. Shows you not only type design, but the sketches behind them.
  3. Graphic Style: From Victorian to Post-Modern, by Steven Heller, Seymour Chwast. The complete illustrated history of the graphic design profession. A great piece of reference.
  4. Pioneers of Modern Typography, by Herbert Spencer. Bauhaus & Russian Constructivism of the 20’s and 30’s.
  5. Trade Marks of the 20’s and 30’s and Trade Marks of the 40’s and 50’s, by Eric Baker, Tyler Blick. Very inspirational.
  6. British Trade Marks of the 20’s and 30’s, and French Trademarks – two different books, by John Mendenhall.
  7. Advertising in the Art Deco Style, selected by Theodore Menten. Authentic old art deco advertising and graphics.
  8. Italian Art Deco, Streamline and Dutch Moderne – three different books and many more, by Steven Heller, Louise Fili. Incredible and inexpensive collection of graphic design from those eras. Full color. They keep writing more books – watch for them!

Look out for my next blogs on other publications you should have and use as a reference, or at least to be aware of them and check them out. I’ll be also talking more and highlighting some of the greatest designers of this century, providing all the information and links you’d need to step on top of the latest and greatest with a reference to the historic design movements and artists.


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