I had a dream!

And now I’m finally pursuing it.

My final project, Color Theory Design Class at OSU

My final project, Color Theory Design Class at OSU

The first time I became a graphic design student was in 1996, when I started my bachelor degree studies at the Oregon State University. In my sophomore year, I no longer was a graphic design student – I transfered to the business school, the decision I’ve been regretting all my life about. Why I did it in the first place?

I was a good graphic design student. When I came to get my documents to transfer from the graphic design department to the Business School, my graphic design professor came out and asked me: “Why?!” I said: “If I can’t be an all ‘A’ student, then I’ve got to be doing something else. You cannot be a mediocre designer.” She responded: “But you were good…” I wished I’ve listened to her then. I also wished I didn’t let one other professor to misled me to belief that the graduates of the Graphic Design School should be prepared to be unemployed for a long time…” He was not encouraging at all. Neither was Oregon, because back then about only 4-5 advertising agencies existed in Portland – the largest city of the state, and we had hundreds of students graduate with a degree in Graphic Design each year. What were the chances to find a job? Slim…but then again, I was new to the country, I didn’t know one can move from one state to another easily and pursue a dream in the cities like NYC, Seattle, Chicago and New York City, where the advertising industry prospers. I made a big mistake.

In 2005, after almost five years of working as a full time professional in other than graphic design industries, I enrolled at the School of Visual Arts in New York City to study the Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design. This was one of the happiest times in my life, when I was finally able to do it again – to create. After the graduation, my life took an unexpected turn and I had to leave NYC.

After seven more years of not doing graphic design, but rather exploring the professions of Public Relations, Journalism and Social/Digital Media – the areas, where I’ve achieved a certain professional status and a comfortable salary level – I’ve made my final decision to go back to school again. After reviewing the graphic design programs at New York University, Fashion Institute of Technology and at my good old pal – School of Visual Arts – I’ve chosen, once again, the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where I’ve moved back in 2011.

However, this time will be the last time I’m studying and refreshing my graphic design skills without a happy end to it. This time I have a goal and a concrete 5-year plan on achieving what I was supposed to have had achieved by the age of 30 if I’ve taken my very first attempt to studying the Graphic Design to the very end – to the Bachelor Degree of Arts in Graphic Design from the Oregon State University.

So, in this blog I’ll be documenting my late-bloomer journey into the world of graphic design and conceptual advertising that I’ll be taking in and outside the school. This is a blog about everything creative that inspires the likes of me to observe, think, analyze, feel and then – create. This is a blog about things and people who have always inspired me and pushed me to take a break in my 13-year professional career, re-evaluate my state of mind – and how much I still care about the design – and make a conscious decision to pursue something I’ve always dreamed of doing, even if it means starting at the very bottom. And I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life. In this blog I’ll be sharing what I learn from my teachers and schoolmates, how I approach and execute a design project, what books, places, trends, things and people inspire me and what kind of an outcome it leads to. This is a very exciting journey I’d like to share with you.

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